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The Covered Pool

As stated above, the covered dormant pool offers protection from debris and additional safety depending on the cover installed. It is usually recommended to do a final filter cleaning or backwash before winterizing. Depending upon the type of pool, usually the water level is lowered below the skimmers and skimmer freeze protection is added. Following this, the pump, filter, and heater (if present) are drained and the lines are winterized. The cover is then installed per the manufacturer’s instructions.

The Operational Pool

If tree density and safety concerns are not an issue, many pool owners find it easier to maintain the pool through the winter on a reduced filtration cycle or on a low-speed pump setting. Not only do they avoid the messy and costly spring pool cleanup, but they do not have to buy and handle a costly and bulky pool cover that has a limited lifespan. A pool has a lower chemical demand in the winter and uses less energy to maintain. The important point to remember is to continue to check water chemistry and keep a residual amount of chlorine in the water to prevent algae growth. During freezing weather, it is important to keep the pump running and have the freeze control active, if installed.